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Even modulation Condensing units start below a certain performance level more and more bars and thus operate in inefficient interval mode. The variety of start and stop operations including associated with energetic start-up losses and high emissions. In addition, the problem of short operation and rest periods is exacerbated by the subsequent insulation of existing buildings without power adjustment of the heat generator. And also the retrofitting of a stove without the heating-side involvement may cause this situation, because the existing boiler output is now even less required. Heating performance and are therefore in a strong imbalance. A 63% boiler load is carried out according to DIN 4702 only at around 24.5 days during the heating period. The Author will undoubtedly add to your understanding. In almost half of the time of a heating year (119,7 days) the boiler only 13% is busy.

And a 100% load is not shown (up to-12 C) according to DIN 4702. Starts and stops of a heat generator contribute heavily to the emissions. The most Theoretically-attainable values chimney sweep for the practice operation confirm test bench. To do this they must simulate but full load operation chimney sweep button for the measurement, where the measurement is performed only after the stabilization of the burner. Actually, burner times of only two to three minutes in practice, in particular in the long transitional period, can be observed. According to scientific studies, heater switch in the heating period between 14 000 – and 43 000 times. The gas burners often higher number of start and stop operations can be attributed in part to significantly lower boiler water content. Modern gas condensing boilers for wall mounting today usually only have a water content of about 1 to around 5 l. Other consequences are increased wear of boiler electronics and especially with oil boilers, the tendency towards a reinforced soot formation on the inner surface of the boiler.

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