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The Confrontation Between The Temporary Owner And Cat

Pampered KotDovelos once my friend stay in the apartment of his friends who left her because of departure on leave. Even when my friend reported that the apartment remains at this time, almost a family member – Angora cat, he is not upset about it. But we can not say that the owners were treacherous […]

The Acquisition Of A Pet

In this article we will discuss how to purchase a pet. At first glance the acquisition of a pet seems rather straightforward, but actually it's not an easy task, because you take an animal which will be your companion for many years, and mistakes made the wrong choice can be sad. Suppose you decide to […]


The bottom of the pelvis (or bath) must cover a special rubber mat or cloth, the cat feel safe and not lose the balance on the slippery bottom. Fill pan with water is necessary so that she got out before the animal's abdomen. To swim became attractive to a kitten in the water placed netonuschie […]

River Aire

This breed brought in 1850, Yorkshire breeders who lived in the valley of the River Aire, crossing harera (hare beagle) dog with Old English black and tan terrier (today disappeared completely). Airedale is officially recognized by the Kennel Club in 1886, Strong and gambling, Airedales have won the hearts of many big game hunters. Breed […]