Vacation in France

The Confrontation Between The Temporary Owner And Cat

Pampered KotDovelos once my friend stay in the apartment of his friends who left her because of departure on leave. Even when my friend reported that the apartment remains at this time, almost a family member – Angora cat, he is not upset about it. But we can not say that the owners were treacherous – they generously gave both my friend's two hundred dollars that were intended for decent care for their pets: in first class to fill a pot of sand must be in a bowl of fresh food and the best place, a special shampoo to bathe, too – so to speak, for wool. The money disappeared immediately after leaving the hosts and not on the cat's needs, and then actually move into an apartment to a hero of the story. Cat during this time hungry. – The food in the form of sausages – what more do you want? " – Said the guest. – It's rudeness – decided the cat, and hid the food under the floor, and then wandered down to approximately wc.

With things on the pot cat coped well. Use the potty again, the cat could not, or rather, he simply did not want to go there because of the fact that there was not cleaned. Without stopping to think, my friend put in the tub newspaper, but the cat in this case was not changed, even the opposite – if a person has changed with indignation. From corner to corner ran kotyara looking for, wherever comfortable and release the burden, oppressive throughout the body, and that's right – near the stove fashioned all-all! – Well, not a reptile? – Said my friend, grabbing a cat by the scruff and wiping them with his own antics on the floor.

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