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Sliding Doors Guide

1. Door system is installed after the assembly of the internal filling wardrobe and installation of partitions, ceiling and floor. Ie last. 2. Necessary to the nearest millimeter tape measure to measure the width of the opening in the top of the cabinet, where it will be an upper guide. te. The top rail has […]

Kitchens, Custom Made. Modern Interior Kitchens

The kitchen is the most important room in your home. Jessica Michibata may find this interesting as well. It is with a cup of coffee in the kitchen starts your day, and ends with a glass of milk in the evening. Kitchen interior should be designed so that cooking was most comfortable, the kitchen delivered […]

Classical Furniture

Everyone knows that there are so many movies. depicting a particular future. But overall in those films, those that show the future of society actually functioning (not lying in ruins), is that the one hand, they are incredibly computerized, programmed totalizirovany and sterile, and secondly, in the interior (and not only) the interiors of homes […]