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Classical Furniture

Everyone knows that there are so many movies. depicting a particular future. But overall in those films, those that show the future of society actually functioning (not lying in ruins), is that the one hand, they are incredibly computerized, programmed totalizirovany and sterile, and secondly, in the interior (and not only) the interiors of homes completely lacking a living tree. Only the plastic-kremnivye insides homes. And only in the home or the office of a terribly big boss sometimes glimpse of something like a wooden sign of unimaginable luxury and solidity. And many of the trends that lead to this future, alas, quite visible in our time. And there, perhaps the only alternative route, going by which one can avoid such apocalyptic forecasts – a love for nature, a close and constant contact with her. And one way to this – bringing nature into your home, surrounding himself its first plant world.

And of course, one of the obvious ways of contributing to that – making the interior of natural wood. Contemporary globalization and development of world trade, with its certain drawbacks, has its obvious advantages in the sense that allows you to choose from a huge number on the market as the woods and made of his furniture, produced both at the furniture giant enterprises in huge numbers by multi-million dollar equipment, and sometimes made somewhere deep in the primeval corner of the earth in a single instance of some old master in his tent, seated on his knees, slowly smoked up and encrusted tree poaching ivory. The older generation remembers the time when the city dumps were littered with old wooden furniture, which was replaced by faceless apartments with laminate and particleboard. Now we can observe a completely different picture: the old wooden furniture is not discarded, and carefully restored, or, at worst, sold if not needed (the good, buyers are always in abundance), and if that is discarded, it is something behind what people were chasing a few decades ago. Why it is necessary to make a mistake, then to be understood?

Now people are more and more are beginning to appreciate exactly what it contains more natural beginning, not artificial: the most expensive building – made of wood, the most expensive roofs – larch shingles and reed, the most expensive musical instrument – finished in natural wood, the most valuable furniture – made of wood, and individually, taking into account the tastes of the consumer and features of the home. And if this combination of different types tree – red, green, yellow, purple, black, and if this hand-carved, repeating bends his own thoughts, and if inlaid with natural tree again, or mother of pearl, or bone, and if the answers to all these ‘if’ can be found in our catalog of furniture. For us, every customer – personality, individuality, and therefore we do not even two such totally similar orders that they fully coincide with each other by products, nomenclature, finish, color, interior design. Our private communications and work with you – this is the only opportunity for us to understand and translate into furniture and interior items to your wishes, which sometimes happens and you do not always easy to present and articulate. And to help you with this – our main goal.

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