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United States

With this, it can be inferred that the way applied to the Presidential elections in U.S.A. becomes obtainable of qualities, that is, gets forms of election of candidates either in cerne of its parties, by means of the primary elections or cucuses cucuses, that they are meetings of partisan leaderships where if carries through the […]

Federal Constitution

Beyond the Federal Constitution, they are the three main statutes that conduct the Brazilian legislative process: ‘ ‘ Common regiment of the Nacional’ Congress; ‘ , ‘ ‘ Internal regulation of the Federal’ Senate; ‘ Internal regulation of the Chamber of the Deputados’ ‘ , two last, excessively permissive and corporativistas ones, to such point, […]

Boa Vista

Annual relation of Information Social Escolaridade? Illiterate 3630,46 is Joo of the Boa Vista – 2009 Degree of InstruoQuantidade% Until 5 Incomplete year of Basic 4,772 6,06 5 Complete year of Basic 7,052 8,96 Of 6 to 9 Basic Incomplete year of 7,876 10.01 Basic Complete 12,998 16.51 Incomplete Medium 6,339 8,05 Complete Medium 27,958 […]


As much Republic how much Monarchy is used of the law to govern and the Absolutism if uses of the will. (VALVERDE, 2007) Montesquieu understood that nobody can be above of the law, and that the laws are determined by the human values and the social facts that consequently they determined to the government form. […]


The election of ‘ ‘ Tiririca’ ‘ it is not the only joke. Its estratosfrica voting brought souvenirs of ‘ ‘ fenmenos’ ‘ as Dr. Enas Sheep, of the Prona, that, in 2002, received 1.571.000 from votes, conquered with its aspect of scientist maluco of the drawings, its speaks half monossilbica and that it took […]


If to be other people’s to the actions of these calhordas, we run the laugh to lose very of what already he is ours: our freedom. She is necessary to understand that the more the people to distanciar of the awful attitudes of that they imagine that they withhold the power, more and plus them […]