Vacation in France


The election of ‘ ‘ Tiririca’ ‘ it is not the only joke. Its estratosfrica voting brought souvenirs of ‘ ‘ fenmenos’ ‘ as Dr. Enas Sheep, of the Prona, that, in 2002, received 1.571.000 from votes, conquered with its aspect of scientist maluco of the drawings, its speaks half monossilbica and that it took the cried out signature: ‘ ‘ My name is Enas! ‘ ‘ , doctor who defended, for example, the construction of the Brazilian atomic bomb. In addition, other candidates now they are espelham in Enas even in speech. It needs ‘ ‘ Tiriricas’ ‘? The irony to extend the possible joke, is that as the Representative more voted in So Paulo, with 560.022, almost one tero of the voting of the clown ‘ ‘ Tiririca’ ‘ , he is much scholar, intellectual type and third, that even so indefinite on the basis of the Law of the Clean Fiche, had 497,203 and for as much that says to have done must be founding of the state, counted the greater of the jokes, saying that it must have deceit, therefore not ‘ ‘ it has fiche cleaner than of it, ‘ is all persecution; ‘ , it counts another one By the way, it badly wants bigger jokes of taste that the Clean Fiche and the decision of last hour that the Heading of Voter was superfluous document for the voting? To confuse electorate instead of barring the dirty fiches of time directly influenced the proportional elections (State deputies and Federal) and pparently until the one of the government of So Paulo, that could have according to turn As it is music of ‘ ‘ Tiririca’ ‘ exactly? ‘ ‘ Florentine, Florentine ‘ ‘ Edson Silva, 48 years, journalist, was born in Campinas and works as assessor of the press in Sumar. edsonsilvajornalista@ yahoo.

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