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Hair Thousand

All my books and articles deal with Africano and Dispora history and culture. It interests what me is to take unknown histories ahead, and has an abundance of these in these domnios. my objective is to find embedded information, to bring people for the forgotten life, to reconstruct identity you analyze in them of social […]

Unified Black Movement

At last, identified to the perversities and implications conservatives of the related myth, evidenced the racial existence of preconceptions and discriminations in Brazil? as well as the opposite, that is, the existence of a harmony ideal? it fits to ask which now must be the measures to be implemented for the State to exterminar the […]

Northern Black Sea

Now these hypotheses to be unfounded, that does not interfere with individual researchers to attempt to revive them. Referring to a remark by Strabo on joint actions of the Cimmerians and the Thracian tribe Tre'r in Asia Minor, many authors have identified with the Cimmerians Thracians. However, in contrast to the hypothesis on alliance, and […]

Don Luis Ferrada

Well, Don Luis Ferrada, was part of that urban-rural landscape, which was Maipu in the second half of last century. He said that he had come from Linares in the first half of the last century, never knew because he arrived in Maipu, what I do know, is that it was impossible to remove it […]

South America

In the middle of the river Hwang Ho in China's modern immigrants have formed state – a kingdom of Zhou. In Central and Western Europe from the East moved the tribes of the Aryans, to the south of Eastern Europe from the north – Cimmerian tribes. At the same time on the opposite side of […]

Iberian Peninsula

Everything this if after understands therefore, although fausto of the wealth the discovery of the gold in Brazil, and, after that, of diamonds, the econmica situation in Portugal continued in crisis, a time that if lived one clearly fausto ‘ ‘ of fachada’ ‘. In 1 of November of 1755, in the Day of All-the-Saint, […]

Leadership Developer

The Positivismo and the Antipositivismo in Mexico. Luis Count Lopez lcondelopez@ Introduction. These lines are the result of the restlessness that arose when attending the matter " Axiloga of the Mexicano" in the masters of Leadership Developer. Although previous to attend the masters some works of personages like Right Mountain range and Alfonso had […]

Gerhard Krause

With 25 kilos of equipment, what it made it difficult the ascent of the mount, looking for shelter behind rocks, getting rid itself of mines, the bombings and the calls ' ' lurdinhas' ' (German machine guns) that they protected the casemates in the blockhouses in the high one of the mount, and that they […]

Provincial Law

The Formation of the Village of Saint Antonio of the Willow is on to the history of the S Family, with the disappearance of the boy Raymond de S, son of Manuel de S Arajo in a cattle farm that belonged to the Clientele of Cabrob. It passed to the clientele condition, in 1853 under […]

New Land

Still in this fifth chapter, the references are turned toward souvenirs of the imaginary one of the author, myths and legends that had marked its infancy, using themselves of small descriptive texts and narrative writings still in the adolescence to homage, in some way, the city of Parnamirim and the facts that had occurred with […]