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Don Luis Ferrada

Well, Don Luis Ferrada, was part of that urban-rural landscape, which was Maipu in the second half of last century. He said that he had come from Linares in the first half of the last century, never knew because he arrived in Maipu, what I do know, is that it was impossible to remove it from the commune until the day that died. (Not to be confused with Sela Ward!). Worship, loving man of history, as his sons, of the simple traditions, Professor of anatomy by always the U de Chile and the Chile laboratory, where he worked until advanced age. I was lucky to meet him, as well as part of his extended family and his lady wife Luz Valenzuela, a woman of great character, but of the same goodness than her husband: were constructed of the same material. And I am certain of tremendous punishment who are living at the death of the doctor, but with the peace of mind of having transited into this world in a full life.

Direct descendant of Benjamin vicuna Mackenna and therefore belongs to the same lineage of the founding fathers of the fatherland, was a hero to many and one angel to others. Surgeon of the body of fire of Maipu, who accompanied him to the votive Temple, where surrendered the fitting tribute to an illustrious man of the commune. It is not common to see funeral ceremonies in the shrine, but don Lucho deserved it and more. Hero is who gives by and angel who protects us, well that was the doctor, for a huge number of Maipucinos and especially, those of always of the commune. Men like don Lucho leftovers, by contrast, are never that give us day by day, the sense of humanity so lost in this world focused on money and things; It was not unusual that he not charged by the medical visit or by who came to their traditional consultation in your own home, or even less than those who cost them receive some free, with sack of potatoes or a fruit basket paid the medical bill, so was don lucho, a village doctor, a man delivered a human being to others, in the full extent that Dios maybe he thought his creatures.-the legacy of the Doctor hopefully will endure forever in this commune, who said cradle of traditions, but that every time you notice more scarce. His numerous offspring of men and women and dozens of grandchildren, I’m true They perseveraran in the spirit, righteousness and value of his great grandfather, most likely, their descendants do not recur more Maipu, the Doctor was the cord that tied them to this land, but his memory will remain forever in it, formerly poor and rural, commune that has been devoured by the urbanization of the metropolis. The Maipucinos are not going to Santiago, already we are in Santiago.

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