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Corporate Evening

'Rent-a-Bar' is a set of highly quality services in a bar catering since 2002, namely, the bartender shows a pyramid of champagne glasses, a cocktail bar on-site. Our employees have years of experience in various popular institutions of St. Petersburg, such as the 'Tribunal Bar' club 'The Island' Club 'La Beach', 'Maghreb', 'Hold on', 'Papanin […]

Holiday Gifts

Originality, style, beauty, surprise, practicality – are the main qualities of this gift … In all their demands, and this, and rightly so, because we are all different. But there will always be popular fun gifts for men and individual, at the height of fashion for women. The main thing that came to mind a […]

Sunday Features

The day had sunday face, the beach was crowded and the taste of broth made to the crab to remember me the last summer. Without half words I was direct to the subject: there, which the new features? answered me to it with another question: It wants that I start for where? Soon! There it […]

Allocation Moisture

This moisture covers the back half ledenistoy moisture to the largest circle. Before ledenistoy moisture moisture is a third, similar to egg white – it's called belkovichnoy. It is as though release that comes out of ledenistoy moisture, but the allocation of a transparent – transparent. It is located in front of ledenistoy moisture due […]


Adults ferret did not like at all, but they sometimes fall to tasty. This went on until next summer. The ferret became an adult and the child was older by only a year. Director Peter Farrelly understands that this is vital information. Y He made new friends, new interests, baby ferret was not so interesting. […]


To begin choose a restaurant, you need to start to know where to watch it. You can go to an area where you would like to celebrate a wedding, or see something near the registry office, or remembering your favorite restaurant, or search on the Internet. In our opinion, the best option might be called […]

Babies And Solid Food

In the first months after the birth of your baby did not need anything other than mother's milk or an adapted mixture. However, the child grows and requires more nutrients and vitamins, and parents are thinking about complementary feeding. The objectives of early weaning to acquaint the child with new tastes and to prepare his […]