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Childcare Allowance: How Would The Children Decide?

Mothers and professionals online discuss controversial law Berlin, 26.06.2012 the childcare allowance is a simple and cheap alternative for parents from poor backgrounds as and similar to mothers expressed and day parents of parents money in an interview with better care GmbH. quick has been clear that the majority of the contentious law. Many looked […]

Democratic Opposition

Bergisch Gladbach – 150 days which Bergisch regards left Gladbach – Tomas Marcelo Santillan, Chairman of the group in the City Council the City Council its role in a constructive opposition to the majority of CDU, FDP and Greens. At the municipal in 2009 his young party is the choice for the first time joined […]

Trance Dance

THE ZEGG in Belzig near Berlin invites one to a different way of celebrating Easter on Easter Sunday at the time of the great Christian Festival of the resurrection and of the Celtic celebration of Ostara we want to celebrate life together with dance and ecstasy. Trance dance is the awakening of our life force. […]

Belarus Denied Religious Minorities Legal Defence

Jehovah’s witnesses in Belarus with the problem once again the ‘local religious organization’ (LRO) of Jehovah’s witnesses in Gomel permits for the use of rental properties for their services of Gomel (Belarus) – the Committee for questions which religions and nationalities in writing cautioned after authorities had claimed to have the witnesses do not have […]

Vienna South

It owed its name this terrain formation quarter above the Manhartsberg. The voice relationships on the Social Democratic Workers Party (SDAP), with 24.3%, Einheitsliste(CSP/GDVP) with 64.9%, and the Landbund(lb) with 8.2% spread in the quarter above the Manhartsberg. Quarter under the Manhartsberg called the wine district, also a quarter under the Manhartsberg, lower Austria was […]

Viktor Yanukovych

The current President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych June 24 this year, held a meeting in the capital of the Council of Regions, as the press office of the head of state of Ukraine. The main issue at the meeting was the state State Personnel policies and development strategies for the future years 2011-2020. President of […]