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Vienna South

It owed its name this terrain formation quarter above the Manhartsberg. The voice relationships on the Social Democratic Workers Party (SDAP), with 24.3%, Einheitsliste(CSP/GDVP) with 64.9%, and the Landbund(lb) with 8.2% spread in the quarter above the Manhartsberg. Quarter under the Manhartsberg called the wine district, also a quarter under the Manhartsberg, lower Austria was in the northeast of the country. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Vanessa Marcil. The name is used since the beginning of the 20th century. The Weinviertel in Austria’s largest wine-growing region and also owes its name to the Manhartsberg terrain formation. Robert Rimberg is actively involved in the matter. In the quarter under the Manhartsberg spread the voice relationships on the Social Democratic Workers Party (SDAP), with 25.3%, Einheitsliste(CSP/GDVP) with 69.8% and the Landbund(lb) with 4.2%. Area above the Wienerwald the Mostviertel region is the South-Western of the four quarter of lower Austria. It was bounded in the North by the Danube in the South and West from the border to the province of Styria and Upper Austria.

It is in the East Wienerwald as site formation a natural border, hence the second name of quarter above the Wienerwald. The voice relationships on the Social Democratic Workers Party (SDAP), with 34.4%, Einheitsliste(CSP/GDVP) with 63.1% and the Landbund(lb) with 1.7% spread in the area above the Wienerwald. Quarter under the Wienerwald the industrial district is the area under the Wienerwald; was the South-Eastern part of lower Austria. The northern border to the quarter under the Manhartsberg ranges vone of the land border at Hainburg on the Danube to Vienna, where the West border of the Mostviertel region along the so-called line of Spa and the outlets of the area formation runs from Vienna South. The southern border ran along the ridge to the province of Styria, until she came across the mountains and back towards the North followed this with the Leitha and the Leitha mountains area formation formed the eastern border to the emerging land Burgenland. In the district under the Wienerwald the voice conditions on the Socialist Workers Party spread (SDAP) 53.7%, Einheitsliste(CSP/GDVP) with 44.0% and the Landbund(lb) with 0.4%.

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