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University Center UnirG

The Society of the Society Interaction of the interaction Heraclitus Ney Suiter Summary In the age of the information, the communication between the people had passed of a static model for a dynamic model. In contrast of what many think, it has a distinction between interaction and interatividade, being that this last one is happened […]

Social Justice

In addition, all decision will be subjects to the public and critical evaluation, in special, of the looser in the process. To judge, thus, demands qualities that involve the use of the reason and the law, searching to adapt them it the particular case and the social justice of the litigious object. To apply the […]

Vygotsky Child

Already in the transmitted rules the child copies rules that dirigem if behavior, as for example to play of escolinha, driver, mother, salesman. The model functions as the rule of the game. In the spontaneous rules the child, according to Chateau (1987) Manifest its will for the permanence of its act, as for example to […]

Nouvelle Cinema

The cinema became complete by means of the look of its receivers, the finished product that is submitted to the appreciation is the work of art that differently of the picture offers not only an only image, but a composition of series of images. It was through this game that are established between team assembly […]

Brazilian Urban

The present work has as research subject ' ' the elements that relate the areas of interest of antropologia' ' if it points out in the field of the philosophy, the speculation on the man and its possibilities of being and acting, was born as a revolutionary and radical way of the man to think […]