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FINA Trophy

New commercial tournament FINA Trophy, for the first time in the history of synchronized swimming, held in Moscow last weekend. The fact that there was no competition in a solo program, were not suitable for athletes dates, instead of nine Arbitrators in arranging group, there were only three, all of this has prompted mixed reactions […]


Among the lifters duration of rest between sets for 7-8 minutes is not uncommon, and one of the authors of the famous publication 'Flex', testified that athletes have really huge hands are quite capable of making a break of 8-10 minutes between sets for the biceps with a barbell over 100 pounds! Principle Five: The […]

Turkish Grand Prix

Last week was the fourth stage of World Cup racing in the Formula 1 class. Thanks to the innovations that debuted this season, fans could count on the entertainment stage. Their hopes were realized. C the first meter race pilots began to actively combat with each other. Only the holder of the position of pole […]


Cotton trousers, the same shirt, same socks – it would seem that more training is needed for success? Only the desire to work and we said himself, and ran on the school stadium, where the evening trying to stretch their legs and support the former form. All of us, the people who came from Soviet […]