Vacation in France


Cotton trousers, the same shirt, same socks – it would seem that more training is needed for success? Only the desire to work and we said himself, and ran on the school stadium, where the evening trying to stretch their legs and support the former form. All of us, the people who came from Soviet childhood, had no idea: What, Where, and, most importantly, what else can you train. We sweated and froze, but were hard to the goal – to overcome themselves. And it is in these very Soviet times, in different countries began to develop military clothing, providing an optimum microclimate. Over time, these developments have been introduced into production and sportswear. However, not all types of sports clothes have the same functionality.

We recommend that you adhere to the principle of three-level sports gear. The first layer – ventilating – underwear. It is closer than other types of sports clothing close to the body, and, thanks to special structure of the fabric, thermal underwear quickly absorb all the excess moisture has accumulated on the surface of the body and displays it on its surface. As a result – a dry shirt, which does not stick to the body, and on cooling does not give him supercool, the pores of the body "breathe", nothing too tight and not rubbing (as most thermal underwear is made seamless method). When the outside air temperature from +25 to +30 C only the first layer Thermals – T-shirts and mesh shorts.

Of course, do not forget about the special shorts and tops for the maintenance of the breast (for women). At a temperature of from 16 to 22 C can be used Tait. In cooler weather – from +10 to +16 C fit sport pants combined with a tighter shirt. The second layer – insulating – fleece. Fleece is a kind of insulation – protects the body from exposure to cold, warm in cold weather. Moisture from the first layer – thermal underwear quickly absorbed into the second layer and also rapidly evaporates from the surface, moving into the third layer clothing. Flies, being very light material, not shackles of motion and not heavier athlete. Fleece Jacket will be needed at a temperature of -5 to 10 degrees or below. Just released and fleece pants. The third layer – Windproof – jackets, trousers, track suits. It is indispensable, because it is through this top layer, create a complete system of comfort for the body. The top layer protects not only from wind but also from dirt, rain and snow. Modern sports pants are equipped with special cuts and darts to enhance the mobility of the knee. Blazers hide behind its apparent ease and finesse protection from the wind. When the outside air temperature of -5 to +16 C as a windproof clothing can also be used, and sports jackets. So to summarize: Body found in dry, warm, and not subjected to aggressive environmental influences. Remember that all 3 layers of sports clothing work differently. Each of them offers a comfortable feeling for your workouts. Stay in shape!

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