Vacation in France


– Surely, you say every day that you are very beautiful. But in addition, you will always know how to look fashionable, modern. How do you manage it? Dress themselves, or have image-maker? – I can not say that someone makes me something. I'm so, what is there. In Soviet times, our Tallinn house models are very often made our collection, but always from the collection, which we propose the model I choose myself.

I can have ten different dresses, but I will speak in one, which is convenient to where I was "at ease". – Is the style you practice? – Perhaps, yes. This is a modern woman who feels young. I'm not chasing trademarks, brands. I do not care. The main thing is that the clothes were modern, comfortable and stylish. – Anne, reading your biography, you might think that you all my life were on hand … – Everyone has successes and failures.

But I can not say that I have had very bad days. Maybe because I kind of like this: forget all the bad things, I remember only the good. Besides, I'm not a whiner who needs support. I do not like whiners. – Still coping with grief? – I went with the dog in the woods. And speak for her. Home back – already doing well. In the bath, too bad all of you out. And yet – do not communicate with people from whom is black power. People so much that you can choose with whom to communicate. I fish and do it intuitively. You know, help! – In one interview you admitted that for Estonians and Russian are singing different songs … – Yes, in Soviet times were different. But now, almost none. If there is a good song, its well received in any language! This year marks 30 years I on the stage. With the anniversary concert, I drove all of Estonia. And I can honestly say: never for the Estonian audience, I did not sing so many songs in Russian! There is no such exclusion, which has been before. We even have a nostalgia for Russian songs. In Tallinn, often by the Russian star and people from them no mind. – At one time, has seriously carried away by the music, you have economic education. Do you regret that spent a few years? – Sometimes, in 18 years, we just do not know what we want. But I believe that any higher education develops the mind, intellect, it will be useful in life. Especially since the economy. I have two companies that sell me very, so the formation of me very lucky! – Anne, when the Chelyabinsk will see you on stage? – When will call your organizers. In this regard, I probably lazy: food only when the offer!

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