Vacation in France

Technological Complex

In modern conditions the strategy of forestry can be defined as careful forest management and reforestation, increased use of aac, in-depth processing of timber. This requires a new technological approach to all areas of the forest industry, which in turn leads to increased efficiency of economic activities and reduce costs. According to experts, one of the problems of the plight of enterprises engaged in forestry, is the depletion of economically accessible forest resources in areas of traditional forest near transport infrastructure and in areas of large forest enterprises. For many years, logging companies were using the powerful forest machines in places of clearcuts. Technology is certainly productive and effective, but only when working on large areas. In addition, the cost of such machines and their maintenance requires significant investment that under present conditions is economically inefficient. Working for many years on the market of specialized forestry machinery and equipment, generalizing experience professionals, we concluded that there is a more efficient vehicle logging and deep processing of timber. Virtually any forestry tractors there, which provides export of raw materials with place timber to the upper store.

Staffed offered by our company equipment, the tractor is a versatile pieces of equipment, able to carry out cutting, cleaning and removal of raw materials in the minimum time and without using additional labor. Read additional details here: Ken Kao. Installing the robot complete with a harvester head mounted harvester and processor significantly increases the extraction of timber by reducing the time to Prune, bucking the size and formation of stacks. Installing skidding winches will keep logging in remote places, marshy areas, in ravines, on slopes due to release the cable at distance of 100 m. The Loggers know – how hard in the offseason to organize the timber with the plots, so we offer the use of light and maneuverable Forest trailed forwarders, not decomposing forest roads, which, in contrast to the timber on the basis of the Urals, etc., carry only the forest, and not myself. If the forest road is broken or absent, a tractor equipped with devices for forming and sealing of forest roads, which will export timber all year round regardless of weather conditions.

In the development of the plots remain a large number , which is an additional source of income. Drive a tractor or a cleaver Universal Wood splitters will recycle virtually all of the remaining timber. If there is a need for chips, the availability of a plot chippers as pendent on a tractor, and autonomous (running from plots is mounted wood chipper. Advantage of it is that it not only grinds the chips in all the waste timber, but can in a short time to process all the vegetation on the plot. Remaining on plot allows you to effectively remove stumps stump grinder. There are modifications of the machine-through or a more powerful local type.

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