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The Bike – From Steel To Aluminium

A report on the processing of steel in the 1990s steel was the material that was the most application in the manufacture of bicycle frame bicycle construction. Today, almost only small forging in small batches and dimensional framing will use it. But why is that? In the course of its development, steel came to a point where he overwhelmed the mass production for bikes: the tubes coming from the Rohrbiegerei are too hard for milling, to thin wall for the welding and manufacturing too expensive. Aluminium lends itself as an alternative. Manufacturers are even with the difficulties, which brings the welding of aluminium with familiar, can you make faster and cheaper the bike frame it. Through the thicker Rohrduchmesser of the frame, the consumer is also feeling, to get more for his money. Bicycle frames are significantly lighter than steel frame made of aluminium.

Aside from the economic point of view, the specific weight of steel is almost the only downside. One Steel construction must be so much more sophisticated than an aluminium construction. Because a steel frame can afford no superfluous material, a lightweight steel is very expensive. However, the focus is on the maximum durability, steel is hard to beat. Its high stiffness, high tensile strength, high elongation and fatigue can be call as additional advantages of steel frame. Also a repair on steel frame is possible with little effort. Should a repair makes sense once no more, can be the steel yards almost up to 100 percent recycled, whereas carbon, for example, in the long run is in the toxic waste.

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