Vacation in France

The Rights

We are not going to enter debilitating philosophical discussions, are going to pay attention with well-taken care of to the content of the law project and to visualize its consequences. Article 6 of the law project has much fabric that to cut, for example, it establishes that " the defense of the rights is aims of the advice of workers, vindications interests of the workers and workers and the town generally, " and that defense of the rights, vindications and I interest is specific function of the unions or unions, that is to say that these advice are going to replace the unions in their natural functions question that no matter how much they strive are not able to refute from the official tribune then in all logic will have major influences (at least theoretically then actually or we know like will be the subject) these advice who any other trade union or union representation, including the UNT pro-government union union, species of " to alter ego" of the CTV created during the fever of duplication of powers and instances of few years ago. In addition when adding the postcript " and the town generally " this descontextualizando the union fight and is being extracted it of the labor scope and placing it under the amplest phantom of the whole society reason why any action of the workers in search of vindications, defense or improvements it can, under the deceptive content of this article, to interpret itself like an aggression to " town generally " and severely to be repressed under protection of which the laws have in the matter of public order or peace or well-being the town or they want as it to call. More ahead in this same article &quot is promoted; the frontal fighting against the speculation, the monopolizing and product the shortage of supplies of first necessity, avoiding the partial or total interruption of the process of production of goods and services and in those centers of work considered strategic for the national economy; " , gentlemen, the fight against the speculation, the monopolizing and the shortage of supplies we are a fight of all as citizen and in addition governmental and nongovernmental laws and instances exist to canalize legal and formally this fight; and this is not new, but what if is new it is the suppression of the right to strike as via of pressure for the obtaining of improvements or as half of fight by wage vindications or conditions of work.

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