Vacation in France

The Task

For what it may lead – clearly showed Russia the first half of the 20th century, Germany 30th – 40's and many smaller state. Effective systemic, concerted action to create an atmosphere of partnership, respect and love through culture, art, music, songs, conclusion is clear: at least short-sighted to ignore the possibility positive impact on people, their education through art, music and song. At the same time extremely effective system can be, targeted actions aimed at creating a community atmosphere partnership, respect and love for each other through the same culture, art, music, songs. Need a manager for the education of 'people of the future' through the creation, promotion, promotion of art, music and songs from the 'human face' Here we return to what we started: we need an effective manager, give effect to the task of educating 'people of the future' through the creation, promotion, promotion of art, music and songs from the 'human face'. However, he should not be limited, short-term need related to sustainability, profitability, and focus on long-term, strategic effect.

Effective governance culture, art, music at the professional approach the ideal manager in this case we can assume the state. After all, by and large, it is the largest manager. State and created for realization of the fundamental challenges of prosperity, security and prosperity of society. It receives funding from all people regardless of short-term profitability of investment and should be rationally spend them at all. Yes, and international practice repeatedly proved highly effective governance culture, art, music at the professional approach. May influence the effective philanthropists, patriots, political parties less integrated and effective can be impact that individual managers – philanthropists, patriots, parties. In this case, the constant will be tempted to get a quick profit, religious instant dividends at the expense of strategic goals. But such way possible and desirable, especially if the state does not want to take on strategic planning, mentoring, directed the development of culture, arts, music and song. The fact that music lovers do, public institutions, managers, patriots, and the authors of the new music and songs and talk in a future article series 'creation of new songs and music'.

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