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Thousand Names Of God Lemmy

But then happened yet and Hammered (2002), Inferno (2004), Kiss Of Death (2006), Better Motorrhead Than Dead (2007) … Therefore focus only on the last studio work – Motorizer. The CD was recorded three "surviving" until the 2000 musicians: Sam, guitarist Phil Campbell and drummer Mikkey Dee. The bartender, repeat … Speaking of the 20th full length of the legendary band, you do not want to roll back to the banal "we've heard this before." Do not want to, but so tempted to say: Motorhead once again validates our strength, releasing the album as two drops of similar on ten previous. And yet we still listen to it! The degree of confidence to Lemmy and Co is infinite, as can be infinite universe. All the same rough, "razdolbaysky" hard-rock-cabaret, then giving away, a beer and still will not say anything.

Listening these albums, you want to use bad language, rude and behave provocatively. And not because this is another "great rock 'n' roll swindle" as they said once the participants Sex Pistols, but because it just ho-even the upgrade. At 60 to shabby tail Lemmy years shamelessly uses the formula for success, which provided him with financial security even in the 80's: loud, pogrubee, worse. And, listening Motorizer, once again convinced that Motorhead is much closer to punk rock … what we thought.

For turbojet riffs and solos is not easy hiding outspoken punk – such as it was in the early '80s. Peel would Wattie Buchanan of The Exploited little more, he probably would have come to this amazing formula '+ punk hard rock'. But apparently, is only capable to Lemmy. To some it may seem that this time, Motorhead have taken another small step for the blues … but maybe it's just my imagination? Lemmy sings a little more genuine, than ever before, and with more pain (oy-oy-oy! Maestro ages?) that sees all around. The Thousand Names Of God – one of the most penetrating and powerful tracks on the album. Its theme – the worldwide war. And it's not an old man grumbling. In a sense, Lemmy – soldier, veteran, the last fire, water and copper pipes. And let it difficult to call the "Best Grandpa Millennium", a man experienced in their own skin all imaginable sins of the world and remains in sound mind, deserves respect. At the very least. Dmitry Burbut

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