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Tours, Attractions And Discounted Hotels In Jujuy

While Jujuy, located in northern Argentina, is recognized as one of the most beautiful provinces of this country, not many know the variety of options that offers entertainment and fun at: in more than 53. 200 square kilometers divided into four regions will find a host of attractions, plus four spaces with their particular cultural, geographic and physiognomic, thereby opening a range of alternatives that are more than interesting for travelers who choose to spend your holiday . The growth of tourism in the region brought about a marked development in the provision of accommodation for tourists who arrive in this province to know one of the most picturesque destinations in Argentina. This expands the options, including alternatives such as, apart hotels, boutique hotels, hostels, houses, apartments, cabins and campsites to have the opportunity to book the option that best suits their capabilities. While in Jujuy will have the opportunity know the characteristics of the four areas where the province is divided and discover the virtues of a wonderful place: The Valleys are known for their lush vegetation and the presence of clear water river with numerous pools that are very attractive for tourists and locals who come to this place to camp and explore their dams and ponds, the Yungas are distinguished by the clouds that fill the sky during the summer and the first weeks of autumn, making this high jungle in a very special place , La Quebrada, meanwhile, is a land rich in traditions, culture and history, and finally The Puna is presented as a desolate scene, giving travelers more great views. For those who are unaware of the potential of Jujuy in entertainment, I advise you not to miss the opportunity to make a trip to this beautiful province of Argentina and visit places such as the Quebrada de Humahuaca, which is located in the heart of the territory of Jujuy, splashes of color giving the small towns that are nearby. Also surprising to some of the most beautiful Latin America can learn about the history, culture, values and traditions of the region. much experience in this field. Visit Jujuy and not knowing the Cerro de los Siete Colores is a mistake: this place is presented as one of the most popular attractions in the area and is located behind the city of Purmamarca.

The hill rises behind the city, establishing itself as a backdrop that never fails to attract attention. It is composed of marine sediments, river and lake and is unique in all of Argentina, since there is another hill that even in beauty thanks to its perfect combination of colors. Surrounding the hill nature lovers can enjoy c Aminata, horseback riding, hiking and mountain biking and photo safaris. To give closure to this brief overview of the attractions Jujuy has to offer I will mention Calilegua National Park, a place visited by tourists. It is recognized as the most important natural park in the northern Argentina and it up tens of thousands of travelers annually. One feature that makes it popular is its easy access, unlike other natural landscapes of the province. The park will be able to admire examples of species such as ocelots, jaguars, tapirs, bats and more than 400 types of birds. In addition, the park will find a place known as Aguas Negras, where is a camping with all the amenities you need to venture to make the booking tours, horseback riding, trips by mountain bike and trekking.

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